Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Happy Groundhog Day

In today's major local news story*, Sir Walter Wally did glimpse his shadow, portending six more weeks of winter.

Hopefully, Sir Walter did not bite the hand of mayor Charles Meeker, the way he did last year. I'll have to ask my wife for the lowdown. Not to brag or anything, but my wife knows Sir Walter personally.

* The real major local news stories lately have been (1) the paramedics in Franklin County who pronounced a man dead and zipped him into a body bag when in fact he was still alive, and (2) parents in the high-priced Wakefield subdivision of north Raleigh who are up in arms because public school overcrowding may force the county to send their kids to a temporary modular school in (gasp) an African-American neighborhood in the town of Wake Forest. I choose to highlight the groundhog.

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