Tuesday, April 05, 2005

All Hat, All The Time

Check out the long-awaited new issue of The High Hat webzine here.

My list of links needs sprucing up. I promise to get around to that within a few days. In the meantime, a recommendation: For a steady diet of bite-size morsels from the High Hat elves, check out http://hatblog.blogspot.com. If you stumbled into this place, you ought to stumble over there.

Spring has finally sprung in the last few days here in piedmont North Carolina. It had been cool and dreary for weeks (it was actually a little rough coming back from Florida to this weather), but then Sunday was a nice warm day for working in the yard. Then back to work on Monday and suddenly Pow! Dogwoods!

I really would like a haircut like the one Ron Eldard is sporting on this new show Blind Justice. What are the odds, though, of a blind guy having a haircut that good?

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