Monday, January 25, 2010

Quick answer

MoveOn e-mails me this afternoon -- subject line "Quick question for you?"

It's no longer clear whether Congress will pass a comprehensive health care reform bill this year.

The White House and Congress will decide within days whether or not to go forward with reform—and before they do, it's critical they know the impact that decision will have in terms of participation in the next election.

So we're polling MoveOn members: If Democrats do not pass comprehensive health care reform this year, will you donate to Democratic candidates in the 2010 elections? Just click the appropriate link below to let us know:

  • Definitely won't donate
  • Probably won't donate
  • Probably will donate
  • Definitely will donate

I clicked Probably Won't. But I wished for a 50/50 option, and I also wished for a comment field to say the following:

Let's be honest, I don't have a lot of discretionary cash for political contributions, so I wouldn't be "making it rain" in a midterm election anyway. The best I could conceivably answer is Probably Will.

However, if the Congressional Dems walked away from the health care bill, I would likely conclude (1) they were acting like a minority party anyway -- like a de facto opposition party to Obama, and (2) they were acting as if special interests were more important to them than the "un-organized" support of individual base voters like me. So I'd be inclined to treat them the way they're asking to be treated.

I'd vote for my Democratic candidates, sure, but give money to the DCCC or DSCC? Give financial expression of enthusiasm for the national party's efforts? Not bloody likely.

Well, that was quick! More later.

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